What is the difference between Trusted Sender Score and Sender Reputation Score?

The difference between Trusted Sender Score and Sender Reputation Score is Trusted Sender Score analyzes a domain’s trustworthiness based on email authentication, email behaviour and configurations. Reputation Sender Score measures IP Addresses performance when it is used as part of the email return-path.

Trusted Sender Score free for all users of email and is more relevant for domains that are migrating to DMARC compliance or already authenticated. The score is a metric for any user of email to understand the trustworthiness of a domain. Email admins can use the report to improve their email configurations.

Reputation Sender Score, a Return Path product is focused primarily on webmail and email service providers where a commercial arrangement is entered into for Return Path to rate email user feedback and attrubte it (negative) to the ip address used int the SMTP:FROM (return-path) of the offending email.

Trusted Sender Score is designed to help with the reduction of email spoof, SPAM and phishing attacks in a transparent and open manner. Trusted Sender Score rates every domain for anybody to use.

Reputation Sender Score is limited in scope due the commerical arrangements and the concentrated use of IP Addresss for large e-blasting platforms.

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