Topics (speaking engagements)

When you look through the list below you may be surprised to see that I have Law / Legal conferences. Having realised the extent to which email effects us all and the change to mandated DMARC authentication I joined with a Haarsma Franchise Lawyers to create the World’s first Franchise agreement referencing DMARC. I also wrote the only (still the only one I have seen) the only Anti-SPOOF policy being used by organisations.

Topics for Industry Related Conferences

The following is a list of topics that I think are most relevant to where I am at and where I can add the most value when it comes to speaking engagements. For companies I am happy to bespoke other more business related topics such as “What does it take to build and offshore team and what costs can you truly expect to save.” Or something more simple like “Operations and Processes, the cornerstone of every business.

David Barnes Speaking in front of the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in Wellington New Zealand
David Barnes Speaking on entrepreneurship, in front of New Zealand Entrepreneurs and Prime Minister John Key in Wellington New Zealand

Law / Legal Conferences

Why lawyers are missing out on millions

Overview: Learn how changes to email authentication affect commercial agreements and shift liability. This means lawyers not only are not picking up this work, they themselves are exposed.

Marketing, Digital & Email Marketing

The change to email that most marketers will hate

Overview: Learn how the change to email authentication means that your email is visible and now accountable for the first time. The effects on reputation will frighten you, the negative brand implications however overshadow the minor inconvenience. 

 50%+ open rates are achievable 

Overview: Being a Trusted Sender of email is a standard that very few have reached. Learn what it takes to combine the latest in email delivery knowledge with eDM and M3AAWG best practices.

Why I defined the term electronic direct marketing

Overview: If you google the term “electronic direct marketing” in an incognito window you will see the definition of the topic, Google agrees with. Find out why this topic will not only improve your results when it comes to campaign management, it compliments the new Anti-SPOOF authentication protocol DMARC which is driving marketers crazy.

Cyber Security

The effect Anti-SPOOF authentication has on Business Email Compromise Attacks and general email 

Overview: The email landscape looks like this: DMARC is no longer an option, you must secure your domain. The effects the one dns entry can have is devastating and also brilliant. Global SPAM volumes will decrease, less Business Email Compromise attacks will be successful and the technology can finally be trusted and therefore relied upon as a commercial tool. 

How to run a successful compliant DMARC project

Overview: Banks have taken up to 3 years to implement DMARC, most DMARC p=reject entries are taken down within hours and your organization faces possible litigation from your domain being used illegally. Learn how one of the World’s most experiences email authentication experts runs a DMARC Compliant Project.

How I SPOOF’ed DMARC and what you need to be compliant

Overview: After releasing to the World that DMARC can be SPOOFed, find out from the person himself how and what you must to secure your email defense using DMARC compliance.

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