Website must haves 2019

It is half way 2019 and I simply do not build web sites for other people or organizations anymore. All of my discovery since 2011 has been on our research and development for our products

Review for a friend screwed by his web developer

A web page is like a Word Document in the way that each has a header and footer. If you had a Word Template designed and it did not have dynamic fields you wouldn’t really know about it right away. But when you start using the document and need to change some items in the header or footer and can’t because it is locked it becomes problematic. Especially when the change required is over quoted and can only be done by one firm. 

Well that’s your web site. You can change static content in the body of the web pages but adding any new feature or even SEO and you have to go back to the developer. That means if you wanted to use an SEO company to get found you have to pay them to give instructions (that anyone in the industry could implement) to your developer who will then charge you over the odds to make the adjustments. IN saying that, these adjustments are necessary because the developer who yo paid to optimise your web site screwed. 

Below is what your site looks like using the Chrome Plugin SEO META in 1 CLICK (add it here:

WIth some simple instruction from the SEO firm we use we simply made some changes to the styles using WordPress and this is what ours looks like:

These changes were sufficient (using a wordpress plugin) to within the month out rank google and we haven’t really got half of what is needed in order yet. 

Developers that lock code away for a website and don’t have the tools to access all of the areas are unethical at best and you should avoid using them like the plague.

I have included a pretty generic web project blueprint for your piece of mind

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This free guide contains what I think are the minimum requirements you need for a successful digital strategy

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