Email just is not sexy but it can be evil!

Email is not sexy!

  • it’s not something you look forward to when introducing yourself at a bar or social gathering
  • rolls of the eyes, oh are you responsible for all the SPAM etc …. it is just its not sexy

But like with any Fictional spy novel or James Bond film there must always be a villian or an evil element to make something more interesting than it is.

92% of cyber indemnity claims can be traced back to email

  • Any form of scam imaginable can be triggered by email
  • Email has been involved in most electronic Data privacy breaches.

Email is actually very compliacted – people just want it to work and don’t really care about the mechanics. And I think that is where things just went off track…. listen to find out why and what makes it an evil tool.

What makes email so evil?

The technology was built to pretty much allow anyone to send an email for any domain. SPF and then DKIM failed to stop SPOOFing of a domain. How does it work? Check out this blog post from Zulu eDM to read how it works in a straight forward analagy.

This is also a good explaination too.

Why is Shaka Khan, my tiger on the cover?

I will tie her into this too….

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Email just is not sexy but it can be evil!
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