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Welcome to my blog. I can't always share my views as the CEO of Zulu Labs, a company with 6 companies, two of which are international. There are sometimes better ways to do things than following status quo. I hold an MBA and strategic outcomes are important, it just shouldn't always take a long time or cost a lot of capital.

Areas of Focus

I will focus a lot on projects or current activities that are important to me personally, especiallty email and the senseless excessive use of the tool and the slow adoption of DMARC, which will make email a better and more usable technology.

Having business in Indial, Australia, South East Asia, Latin America and the US also give me some varying insights and connections. Please drop me a line anytime if you would like to ask a question, discuss an idea or have me speak at your event.

2019 Trends / Predictions That Touch All Organizations

2019 Trends / Predictions That Touch All Organizations
David Barnes Talks Business

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ToTheBeat.CEO is a general business podcast for C Level and upcoming C Level professionals.
This podcast:
I recap achievements for 2018
Talk about the year ahead
Review my past predications; and
Give you an insight into what I think you can expect from a tech / business perspective.

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