When I look at the longevity and loyalty of that I have had working for me over the years (through good and rough times) I truly believe that being a straight shooter (brutal honesty), consistency and and a management style that aligns with my (and my business partners’ values) has been critical. I use this phrase with new staff, usually within the first month:

Make a mistake once is learning, make the same mistake a second time is careless….. don’t turn up tomorrow if there is a third!

When looking to have your team and clients understand sales process and subscriber engagement I like to use the following:

Trust is difficult earn but easy to burn.

A dear friend of mine taught me this gem (when referring to discussion with prospects):

Tell them what to do not how to do!

You will here more from me on this:

I have met thousands of lawyers, I like one and trust none.

Even with staff at your finger tips sometimes:

CEO to CEO just gets it done.

My thoughts when marketers and leaders are afraid of results / finances. #bigdata

Data is like having 1 more dollar in your bank account; it just doesn’t lie!

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