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With the Trusted Sender logo we wanted Shaka to have a shield in from of him protecting the recipients of email.

When working with it is all about the brief. I have included the zip file for your convenience.

Message that we posted with the zip file:


Looking for a designer to: manipulate our Mascot Shaka to look like he’s protecting his tribe by by using his shield. The shield represents trust. He can have his spear being held vertically

This will be a front facing image of Shaka behind two spears and his shield. He will still be smiling, Shield must have the letters STR above a little space below we need you to leave for numbers we may need to add. (we took out the STR fo the final logo)

The Logo will need to be high resolution but when made 80 pixels he still looks great. Fonts and other logos attached with some example imagery.

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