Employee Efficiency & Effectiveness Up 6 Times!

In 2016 we finally transitioned the bulk of our software engineering to our India based dev Team and wow I though I had everything in place. Well think again. The highlight once the systems settled down was there were no real issues except speed and understanding the sprints (small pieces of work broken down from the product strategy).

It was understanding exactly what the functional specifications meant that caused the issues

So last year, 2017 during an R&D onslaught that has produced our standalone first Google Integrated  Material Design App (https://zuluedm.com/meaningful-google-analytics and the Email Checker App for the general public to understand how safe the sender of the email is:  https://zuluedm.com/trusted-sender) I just couln't get the message through to the tech lead and project manager so I tried something:

I used some already developed code and made some changes to produce this link tracker prototype  that I adapted from https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com

It took the team a little getting used to but once we were in full swing I found it 6 times quicker developing a function or framework and then handing it off for the bulk of the work to be done.

It was an amazing lesson, my team's natural language is Tamil, then probably English (UK), not my strong Australian accent. But we all speak in programming code and it has helped to cement trust and leadership.

So i have ended up on GitHub you can follow my projects there: https://github.com/tothebeatCEO



ToTheBeat.CEO on GitHub
ToTheBeat.CEO GitHub

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