eDM & Growth Hack 2018 Melbourne

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eDM @ Growth Hack A Contradiction?

I saw a job titled called Growth Hacker on LinkedIn last year and I had no clue as to what a Growth Hacker is. So I posted the question to find out. The responses back left me unclear and so when asked by Entrepreneur Jon Ellis, founder of the web app Inverstorist which itself has had rapid growth, I checked it out.

eDM is about consistency, building trust and delivering value and I really didn't know what to expect and if in fact I should speak. My takeaway is that it is a process and therefore can be a startegy applied when required to text various marketing (advertising) channels to see which fits best with the product serviell.ce or idea being promoted.

To me eDM is a perfect supporting framework for a Growth Hack. Build the fields relevant to trap new data for measurement. Pick subscribers in segments that may or may not fit and use various content marketing pieces to educate tests and sell. 

Armed with my new knowledge I will see everyone there.

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