About Me & To The Beat.CEO

I am the CEO of a global tech firm and have launched my blog ToTheBeat.CEO for the purpose of  sharing the experiences I have had and are having running a global company, being an entrepreneur, my time with the Entrepreneurs Organization, NFP activities and personal experiences and education that has shaped me. I will include everything I can:

  • From daily personal tasks to strategic and industry related matters. Transitioning our cost base from Australia to global offices and suppliers is an entire web site on it’ own.
  • Driving software development strategies that deflect noise and deliver a USP in a convoluted market is difficult but achievable.
  • Travel (weekly at times) and throughout the World gives me some unique perspectives which I will share as well. Food / Travel and on the spot cool things you will see in my Instagram which when time poor gets an update or two out there.

Finally you may request access to my Global network to help you with a project, reducing costs, a uni assignment or career development can easily be accessed either through search this blog or contacting me.


I march to the beat of my own drum, I always have. So “To The Beat.CEO” I thought summarizes me, my way and my achievements pretty well.  Plus David Barnes is such a generic Caucasian name (that I share with my Father) I thought a brand would be best for my personal / professional blog.

I relate closely to this article – may be interesting for some Hard Knocks Entrepreneur….

I am a CEO of a global business and from the feedback I get I seem to have a pretty unique existence. I have sat through so many seminars and expert presentations and feel that I may just have some value to add to students, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and just about anyone wanting to learn from my experience in mixing life with general business.

Born and lived in in Asia to Australian parents, high school – early career in Perth, Western Australia (the most isolated capital city in the World). I have called Melbourne home for 10 years if you can call it that with the travel and global commitments.

Twice engaged, once divorced (figure that out) the toll entrepreneurship and global travel mixed with time zone management takes it toll on your personal life is something I am very open about..

As of today I am the Global custodian of the term “electronic direct marketing (eDM)” and hope that we can get marketers to adopt the process so out Inboxes and cell phones deliver value to recipients and senders by reducing the amount of ‘crap’ we receive that is unwanted and irrelevant.

I hate bullies in work and in general and if I see a problem I feel a need to fix it.

My biggest challenge: is educating the World to stop indiscriminate marketing automation and e-blasting so we (the collective) become more responsible with messaging and lest wasteful.

The US market has taught the World that it is ok to throw out as much crap as you can because their market is big enough that if a tiny percentage bites you can do OK. e-Blasting disengages and so does daily notices. That’s my passion….. You can learn more and join for free to contribute to the discussion at the Industry Blog here….

My other passion is educating developing economies, I am yet to get to that.

My Star / Chinese Calendar signs are Leo / Tiger. My first house at Tanglin Junior School in Singapore was “Harimau” which means Tiger in Malay / Indonesian  and with all of the business I do in Asia I desperately would like to help secure the Tiger’s future. Really all living creatures but let me start with this.

Hope you get some takeaways and please use me to connect you to my network.

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