A global brand for $250!

We all know more goes into branding than a logo however the original Zulu Labs logo including our famous mascot "Software for Business Warriors", Shaka (named after the famous Shaka Zulu) was designed with PSD and AI files for $250 on 99 Designs.

We had been quoted up to $40,000 to design a mascot!~ None of the Agencies had mascot experience and were not using our product. When it came to eDM all they understood in terms of engagement was pretty emails! So what did we have to lose?

Best decision ever and it began my quest to wherever possible and where it made sense to stop traditional following channels and explore new and better ways of getting it done.


Preparing Zulu eDM what we are doing means I need to be across most matters and have some understanding especially when it is revenue or product related. So we are preparing to advertise (finally) on Affiliate networks. So naturally I have become an Affiliate Publisher to check out the nuisances. And the first Advertiser to approve me as an affiliate was 99 Designs!!!!

Give them a go I recommend the experience.


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