5 takeaways from going FREE

For more than 4 1/2 years our Zulu Labs Tribe had been researching and developing our FREEMIUM strategy which I was fairly heavy involved with.

Quick recap: The Zulu eDM platform began life as an email marketing platform aimed at enterprise users. The project was to deliver an electronic direct marketing platform that users could start with a FREE cut down version and scale up to our enterprise version on demand.

I was pleased that our expectations were met by the release , but what did I learn?

Lesson 1: Software projects are never meet deadlines nor budgets.

Whilst this is no surprise to anyone it is a good reinforcement that no matter who is in charge or the budget significant projects such as this rarely are delivered on time.

Lesson 2: Passionate people that believe in the project are essential.

Without our team (we lost a few on the Journey) the quality of the product, the innovation and outcomes just wouldn’t have been there.

Lesson 3: Too much planning & analysis prevents innovation

There is fine line here, those that know me know I can over analyse and over plan. I found on this journey that putting a framework in place with outcomes clearly defined and letting the team innovate produced the best results.

Lesson 4: Going FREE means you need to be ready!

We implemented all of the support systems, billing processes and back office ready to to handle whatever comes our way. You have one shot at this and first impressions last.

Lesson 5: Understand your commercial outcomes

Yes the product is Free but this was not a philanthropic exercise, so ensuring you understand, document and communicate the commercial outcomes to the team is essential

As you can imagine the processes and flow on tasks were immense and I am happy to share more details. Just drop me a Tweet or Instagram message.

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